GRB offers a 5-year guarantee on its products, from the installation date
A limitation of 3 years exists for:
  • Batteries for products with electronic system and its solenoid valves.
  • Hoses, showerheads, hand shower and supports (fixed and sliding).
  • Clic clac wastes.
  • Finishes in Rosé, gold, brushed gold, maple wood and walnut wood.
  • Any specification or special adaptation to a client or user, except stated otherwise.
  • Any discontinued product from its discontinuation date.
  • Dpura components.
EterNice products have 20-year guarantee for private homes use and 10 years for community installations. This guarantee is specific to the EterNice finish in the event of any detachment, deterioration, abrasion, color change, corrosion, etc. under normal cleaning conditions. The guarantee does not cover treatments with acids or hydrochloric acids.

For taps components, 5-years general warranty will be applied, and 3-years for the accessories.
This guarantee covers all products from the catalogue against material and manufacturing faults, either by replacing the faulty component or replacing the whole product, if GRB technical department states so.
To accredit guarantee period, the guarantee document of the product or the corresponding invoice are required. Guarantee document should be stamped by the distributor or the installer.
The warranty is applicable always when:
  • The use of the product has been the recommended by the user´s manual.
  • It was installed as recommended on technical instructions and always by a qualified professional.
  • Product has received a correct maintenance (a correct filter cleaning or a correct battery replacement).
  • The guarantee covers exclusively and during the indicated period, replacements of the faulty spare parts, and if it’s not replaceable, the replacement of full tap is provided; thus, the buyer must return the product by their own to our facilities in Zaragoza, Spain.
In any case, it is necessary the approval of the GRB technical department to give validation to the guarantee.
The guarantee excludes:
  • The consequential damages caused during transport, if that wasn’t performed by GRB.
  • If the product was installed incorrectly, if the product has an abrasion or damage due to improper handling or installation, defective storage, etc.
  • If the product has signals of premature abrasion or damage due to an external cause (like abnormal pressure, extreme weather conditions, external installation, deficiency on the cleaning) as well as the use of aggressive cleaning agents, detergents or abrasive products that contains hydrochloric acid.
  • Products that have been used in public facilities are not covered by this guarantee and require an extension requested to the manufacturer.
  • This guarantee does not include components like aerator or flow limiter, etc., that might have been obstructed by suspended particles of water or by the failure to install preventive filters provided with the product, as in the case of thermostatic mixer taps.
  • Consumable elements, like batteries, activated carbon, etc., are to be excluded.
  • Las reclamaciones de contenidos inapropiados dentro de las cajas, serán atendidas como máximo un mes después de la fecha de facturación.
GRB does not assume freight cost of faulty materials Defects that are previously shown they are not covered by this guarantee. GRB does not assume the cost of own product inspection, as well as the costs resulting from its disassembly and reinstallation.
The distributor or installer that requires GRB to perform a repair, must formalize a document of acceptance of replacements and spare parts costs, workforce, or transport, if the incident is not attributable to GRB.
Occasional repair, substitution, or any provision of service on the product involved does not extend the length of the guarantee.
Each product has precise instruction for the optimal maintenance and installation of GRB taps. Follow and recommend the final user these indications to achieve optimal use and maintenance of the taps.
First of all, look up the information through the online Technical Assistant on our website that can guide you in solving the problem.
If it has not been resolved, there is a specific section called After-Sales Service, where once the form has been filled in with the information on the possible problem, GRB will respond by guiding the appropriate solution for each case, including warranty recourse.