Technological experience and own design

For us, innovation is key when it comes to developing our business.

Creating different and innovative products that provide added value to the user is essential.

GRB is a company that, thanks to its capacity for innovation, is constantly evolving.

Its activity is the design, production, development and marketing of thermostatic devices for the home, mixers and plumbing accessories in general, under the GRB and GRB MIXERS brands. 100% of its research is concentrated in Zaragoza-Spain, at its headquarters in PLAZA. Human capital, investment and Spanish technology that thinks of a global market.

more than 30 years innovating

GRIFERIAS GROBER began its activity in 1990. GRB bases its business model on an integration system, in which a central mechanism receives and processes all the information and then generates new developments, products and strategies.

The company has never focused its business on supplying construction, therefore GRB taps should be considered as a decoration element, with values of design, technology, savings, and ergonomics typical of a consumer good.

The strong point and heart of the business are the development department with a laboratory, equipment and sufficient means for any challenge and the assembly, verification, and control process.

For GRB, innovation is key to developing our business. Create different, innovative products. Products that provide added value to the user is essential.


GRB decided to specialize in a future and present product: thermostatic taps. This product has the characteristic of maintaining the temperature of the shower water regardless of pressure variations, household characteristics, etc. Today GRB is recognized as one of the few manufacturers in the world to manufacture its own thermostatic faucet technology.






industrial designs


The heart of GRB is our development department with a laboratory, equipment, and sufficient means for any challenge. With a salt spray chamber, computer equipment, a laboratory module prepared to carry out different studies such as the analysis of noise generation or elimination, together with our team of specialized engineers, we managed to be recognized by Aenor as the first company in the sector to certify our R+D+I project based on thermostatic technology.