At last, health, technology and beauty come together as a fitting.

The bacteria accumulated in the water conduits cause multiple infections and allergic skin problems.
Only GRB has been able to design a thermostat with a revolutionary system that simply and comfortably evacuates the water accumulated in the shower.
In this way, 100% of the any kind of bacteria.



  • Antibacterial system that looks after your health and your family’s,
    avoiding the possibility of legionella in the shower.

  • You will have fresh water with each shower, avoiding the initial cold
    and standing water of the previous shower.

  • Thanks to the GRB Dry system, your shower screen will not be marked again after cleaning from
    the previous shower.

  • Silent system, avoids annoying dripping noises from showerheads..

  • You can have your GRB Dry column system with a minimum added cost compared to other columns.

  • Product with International Patent.


When you turn off the shower, all the water will be emptied automatically, thui avoiding standing water, where bacteria proliferates.


Did you know…?

«One study concluded that water stagnation was more important than chlorine concentration or temperature in the proliferation of bacteria»

«Un estudio concluyó que era más importante el estancamiento del agua que la concentración de cloro o la temperatura en la proliferación de la bacteria»

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